There is lots of talk in the investment world around fees and their impact on your investment portfolio. While fees are an important piece of your portfolio they are not the only piece. 

Imagine you went to a pie shop and saw an array of delicious pies. You were given two options:

  1. For $1 you could have a slice of pie from the tiniest pie in the shop.
  2. For $3 you could have a slice of pie from a pie 10 times the size of the pie in the first option.

Though $1 is cheaper than $3 you would get 10 times the pie for an extra $2. Meaning, sometimes price is only a piece of the picture.

That is how we look at fees. Though fees are a very important consideration the lowest fee is not always the best investment vehicle. We work very hard to ensure that our fees are very fair and reasonable. Most of your fee is charged as a percentage of the assets invested by the Mutual Fund company in the form of an MER with a small annual plan fee. As your investments grow so does the MER. But, if your investments shrink so does the MER. It ensures that your Certified Financial Planner and the Mutual Fund Company has a vested interest in your investments growing.

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