Think big! Big picture that is. At belay we believe that planning is essential to success. A big part of this is identifying a goal and mapping out the route that will take us there, what tools we will need along the way and what is the best way to get there.  Experience tells us that things don’t always go as planned; therefore we take a thorough approach to our planning and delve deep into the possibilities of what could go wrong. We plan for that too, and incorporate safeguards to protect us against unseen obstacles and dangers that might frustrate our progress.

Backups, safety lines, fail safes and anchors are terms we use regularly and the things that keep us safe. One would never embark on a serious adventure without considering the risks and taking the proper precautions. We don’t think anyone should go through life without protecting their finances, growing your money takes risk, we’ve all heard the adage no risk no reward; we believe that we can mitigate that risk and protect against it, we do this through insurance.

Life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance are tools that we arm ourselves with in order to protect against premature or accidental death, illness and accidents. There is no guarantee in life that nothing will ever happen to you, but there is the guarantee that insurance will cover you in the event that something does happen.